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Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills.......llegal Catteries...Back Yard Breeders....they all have something in common. They are breeding unhealthy, uncertified, poorly kept animals who want nothing more out of life than to be loved. Many live in cramped cages, with little attention, no socializing, and at times go without food and/or water, not to mention the health care they are not receiving. All back yard breeders, etc., are not necessarily dirty with cramped cages. Some have fairly decent surroundings, some are quite immaculate, but the end result is the same. Corners are cut, puppies are not socialized, the parents are not screened properly, and the bottom line is they are in it for the profit they make from these animals.

Most of these animals are ill-fed, bred each heat, abused and/or neglected, left alone most of the time except for feeding, and never see the inside of a house. Some are, at times, house pets, and for the benefit of the children needing to see how nature works, or the wanting to breed their female to the male down the street so they can have one of Fluff's pups, they breed. But what about the puppies? Are they going to be healthy? Have either of the parents been screened for genetic disease or other problems? The offspring are then found to be a nuisance, sold to those who will not have a clue as to their condition other than they are cute...and they wriggle...and they are just so fun when they are puppies. Or they are piled in a box and offered at the local supermarket doorway. Or they wind up at the local shelter because they don't want to be bothered with the training.

These puppies grow up. Many will have health problems. Many will get sick and die. Some will be shy and/or aggressive, either untrained or overstrained, and the hereditary diseases they can carry as baggage, are to drain your pockets with vet visits. Puppies and kitties do not have to be in this shape or be of these unknown temperaments. Nor do they have to have these terrible diseases they come with. When you buy a puppy or kitten from a pet store you are essentially buying a "pig in a poke". You have no idea what you are getting until the vet bills begin to roll in

If you are looking to purchase a puppy, I urge you to buy from a RESPONSIBLE breeder, and NOT a pet store. ALL pet stores buy from puppy mills, regardless of what they may tell you. Buying a puppy mill puppy only helps them continue the abuse of these animals.

 Their ENTIRE life is spent in a cage.

One more thing to think about.....
Don't buy that doggie in the window!

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