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Puppy Care


Puppies learn, like babies, by putting everything in their mouth.  Remember-..If it is dangerous for a child, it is just as dangerous for your puppy. Some suggestions to make sure your home is safe for your puppy: 
*Make sure all poisonous items are stored out of the puppy's reach. household cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach , insecticides  mothballs, antifreeze, roach, ant and rat poisons- all of these can be fatal to a puppy.
*An exercise pen or  baby's door gate will provide a way to confine the puppy in a small area, when you do not want him underfoot or are unable to watch him carefully.
*Breakables up out of reach.  

*All wiring and cords put out of reach behind furniture, or encased in hard plastic flexible tubing (available at hardware stores, can be cut to size) A puppy who chews on an electric cord may receive a shock severe enough to kill her.
*Anything small enough to be swallowed (pennies, bounce balls, shoelaces, bits of paper, socks, nuts, bolts, wire) should be removed from the floor
* Block access behind furniture wherever possible.
* Put children's toys and stuffed animals away.  Some of these contain parts that can be chewed off and cause a choking hazard.



Exercise Pen:  A exercise pen provides a safe place for your puppy to play and is a good place to confine the puppy so that it cannot chew on table legs, shoes, etc.  It only takes a few minutes to set up and take down. 
A Child Gate:  The gate that is used for children to confine them to a room is helpful if you have a room with linoleum or tile that you want to confine them in after they are almost housetrained so that they can have more space and still not damage your carpets.
Crate:   The crate can be plastic or wire.  Buy the smallest size for a puppy for crate training.  If it is too large, the puppy will use a corner for a bathroom area.  It is possible to buy a medium size and stuff a pillow in the back to make it smaller until crate training is over.  The puppy should be in the crate while traveling in a car for safety in case of a sudden stop or an accident.
Blanket or Towel for the crate: Baby blankets, receiving blankets  or towels work great.
Leash and Collar:   The harness type should be used for Yorkies to prevent damaging the trachea.   The collar and leash should  both be light weight.
Water and Food Dishes:  They should be short enough that the puppy can drink easily and not tip over easily.  The ceramic ones are easier to keep clean than the plastic and are also heavier, so that they don't tip over easily.
Comb: Combs with metal teeth work best to keep tangles and mats out of their hair.
Shampoo:  There are several brands of dog shampoo available or  use your shampoo for them. We recommend Coat Handler shampoo/conditioner.
Toys:  They love the rope toys , toys with squeakers, and soft toys to sleep with.  Examine the toy to make sure it is durable enough  to be chewed on and has no parts that can be chewed off.
Doggie toothbrush and toothpaste: You will want to start brushing their teeth at a young age to get them used to it.  Tartar can build up resulting in bad breath and lose of teeth if they are not brushed.


Your puppy will have had a 5 way vaccine at 6 and 9 weeks,  been wormed at 3,6 and 8 weeks (NEMEX-2) treats the following parasites: roundworms, hookworms. When you take your puppy to your vet for its initial health check, you will want to discuss with him when he recommends the next shot or vaccination.


Your puppy has been eating Wellness Super5Mix Just for Puppy Food when it comes home with you.  We will give you one 6lb bag of Wellness Super5Mix Just for Puppy Food to take home with you.  You can purchase them at PetCo or even online.
We keep the dry food available all the time for the puppies. After the puppy is a little older, you can switch to feeding 3-4 times per day instead of keeping it out all day.
If you decide to switch to another brand of food, do it gradually , mixing in a little more of the other food each day.
Your puppy will try to convince you that it should be eating people food.   The food formulated for the puppy is healthier for it providing the nutrients needed for good health and growth , so limit the amount of table food .Treats are very important in training the puppy. Remember to give very small amounts , so that the puppy will still be hungry enough to eat his Puppy Food.

 Napping: Yes, taking a nap is just as important, if not more important for a yorkie puppy as it is for children. The size the puppy is one of the factors that determine how often the puppy needs to rest. The naps help the yorkie build back its reserve.

Bathing: It is necessary to bathe your puppy anywhere  a week. The environment, type of haircut, and quality of coat all affect how often your new puppy needs to take a bath. Any good shampoo and conditioner will do. While the yorkie is still wet we recommend that his/her coat be combed with any good quality comb. Once their hair has been combed use a blow dryer to dry their hair.

Grooming: Daily brushing is recommended to maintain the coat and keep it mat free. When brushing, never brush a dry coat, spray your brush with mixture of water and conditioner then brush him/her. Brushing will keep the hair clean, except on the side of the body where urine collects on a male. Wash this area daily with a damp cloth and warm water. Wash mucus from the corners of the dog's eyes, daily if needed, with a cloth or wad of cotton soaked in warm water. Mucus will rot your pet's hair if it's not removed. Dry your yorkie off carefully. Take special care to keep the hair around the Yorkie's anus clean. It is common for this hair to become matted with feces. Hair on his feet will need trimming occasionally.

Clipping nails: we use a standard nail clipper (for people) clip them at the hook no further if you cut short. Dog nail clipper will be needed as they age.

Ears: Keep the hair on the top third of the earflaps trimmed very short. This way, excessive hair won't weigh down the ears before they are firmly "set," at around six months of age. If they droop the puppy’s ears need to be taped. If you take your yorkie to be groomed, request the ears be shaved 1/3 down from the tip in an inverted v shape front and back, too much hair weights it causing an unnatural droop. Get your dog's ears checked regularly for excessive wax and mites, and ask your vet to pluck the hair from inside his ears.

Teeth: Use a tooth brush and paste made for dogs available at all pet stores.  At around 5 or 6 months of age they will have most of their adult teeth.  If they have not lost their  baby teeth, their teeth will be crowded and out of alignment.   The overlapping teeth allow bacteria and tartar to build rapidly which can lead to bad breath and premature loss of teeth. The puppy may need his baby teeth removed by the vet.  It will have to have anesthesia to have the teeth removed.  At the same time that the puppy is under anesthesia for the teeth to be removed is a good time to spay or neuter.  Talk to your vet about the health reasons to neuter or spay.

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