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1. What's the difference between AKC or any other PET Registration?

The AKC is the oldest and most prestigious kennel club available in the United States of America. I’m
going to explain how any registry in the United States, other than the American Kennel Club, is
substandard in comparison and is considered to be only a PET REGISTRY.

 AKC has very strict regulations, guidelines, and procedures to register litters with them and do inspect the breeders. AKC registrations can only be done if both parents are AKC registered. ACA on the other hand will allow you to register just as long as 1 dog is registered with the club.

These PET REGISTRIES would be acceptable if they were only used for pets but the fact is they are
mainly intended for use by breeders which allows for easy substandard breeding ethics.

PET REGISTRIES claim to be “breeder friendly”. What do these registries sacrifice to make their pet
registries “breeder friendly”? They sacrifice quality by allowing dogs with unknown pedigrees to be

A fact about the AKC is that it enforces what is called the Frequently Used Sire Program ( male dogs
who produce more than 3 litters in a single year or 7 in a lifetime). These stud dogs must have a DNA
profile on record with the AKC. The AKC can and will disqualify a litter at any age and point in time if
one of those puppies’ DNA anytime in the future is found to not match the recorded sire’s DNA.
Every time a DNA sample is submitted in this mandatory program, whether from a female or male
dog, the DNA is compared to the DNA profile of that dog’s sire. If the outcome shows that it is not
possible that the sire listed could be the true father, then the entire litter, not just the one dog tested,
loses it’s eligibility. A sire dog can only have two such strikes on his record before being
permanently disqualified from registration with the AKC along with any puppies produced in
subsequent generations from the false litter(s). This makes AKC breeders very careful that a female
in heat only mates with the stud dog that they intend on registering as the sire, if not, they take the
chance of losing their stud. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY. There is no other registry that is this strict
in the United States.

Pet registries, on the other hand, have what is called voluntary compliance which means that a
breeder is not forced to DNA any of their dogs. It may be offered by the pet registry but it's not
mandatory. What does voluntary compliance of DNA by pet registries mean and what is it’s ill effect
on quality breeding? It means that a breeder doesn’t have to be careful with the couplings that take
place in their kennels. If one, two or three different males were to mate with the same female in heat,
all puppies produced can be registered to one male of choice by the breeder even though there
could be pups in the litter from each male. One of the males could even be of a different breed as the
female and all the pups can be registered under any male’s name even if he wasn’t the sire of the
litter. This type of breeder doesn’t need to worry if it’s ethical because they don’t have the fear of
losing their prized stud dog. Ever been in a pet store looking at those cute little puppies and saying
to yourself…that really doesn’t look like a purebred? Well, it may not be. Without strict rules, there is
lack of quality. There is no policing and that is why pet registries consider themselves to be “breeder
friendly”. No “BIG BROTHER” as they call it. Check and see how many pet stores sell AKC puppies.
Most don’t because they usually purchase puppies from puppy mills which use “breeder friendly”
pet registries.

By their lax rules and lack of DNA enforcement of any kind, pet registries may accept dogs adopted
from nationwide rescue organizations, stray dogs, dogs from animal shelters and even stolen dogs
to be registered in their pet registries. Of course they wouldn’t have any knowledge of the dog’s
origin. They don’t care and don’t have to care. They are “breeder friendly”.

Let’s follow a certain dog, stolen or rescued, through this scenario which is made a very simple
process by the pet registries. One pet registry will accept and register this dog into their pet registry
with the submission of three photos of the dog (showing 3 views). The dog must look like the breed
being applied for along with two signatures (all signatures are accepted without investigation) on the
application from “witnesses” pledging that the dog is of true breed. Now, with this dog registered in
the Pet Registry, the breeder can submit a copy of this Pet Registry registration to another Pet
Registry 2 and there, too, register the same dog by the fact that it was already accepted by the first
Pet Registry. This process is called dual registry. This very dog can go on to get such a “title” as a
“champion” with the Pet Registries. Amazing isn’t it? A “champion” show dog whose origin is
unknown. No need to know since they are “breeder friendly”. How utterly outrageous!

Any of the pet registries will accept a dog for registration that is already registered with the AKC
because these pet registries use the AKC breed standards for their own standards. They all aspire to
be like the AKC, yet they don’t incorporate the strict guidelines of the AKC to ensure quality it their
dogs. Now, back to the dog in this scenario, it can now be registered and reregistered again with any
substandard pet registry that has an application available for registry.

The American Kennel Club does not allow dual registry. They will not allow the same dog to be
registered under multiple names. They do not accept dogs that are registered by pet registries. They
do not allow name changes on dogs. They only allow dogs registered in other countries to be
registered if the dog belongs to the equivalent of the AKC such as the Canadian Kennel Club which
is not to be confused with the pet registry with the same abbreviation. The American Kennel Club
registry is a “closed club” and only allows for breeders and owners who breed and own AKC dogs.
This is the best policy for the breeds. It’s called STANDARDS.

When you are looking for a puppy, please support breeders that support the registry that holds the highest standards, The American Kennel Club. By purchasing a puppy or dog from any other registry, you may unknowingly be supporting a puppy mill.


*When considering purchasing a pet make sure you do the proper research needed! They are loyal loving companions, but depend on you for their needs & happiness. Our puppies are placed on a contract and are guaranteed against Life-threatening diseases for 1 year. Please make sure that you do the proper research needed to know to make sure you are not buying from puppy mills or caged breeders, if they are not going to GUARANTEE their puppies

 DO NOT purchase from them!

Majority of puppies sold through pet stores are from Puppy mills

Most of them are registered with ACA, APRI/America's Pet Registry,

 CKC/Continental Kennel Club, ACP/American Canine Registry, etc


2. We do not want to adopt a puppy from a kennel that has multiple dog runs and where the puppies are seldom held or played with. How are your puppies and adult dogs raised? 

Our adult and puppies are raised in side our Non-Smoking home with kid and treated as family members and are very well socialized and Happy. We believe dogs are God's Creations and they should never spend his/her life in cage. We DO NOT  kennel or Cage our yorkies. Each puppy is loved and held daily and played and is with people 24 hr a day ( I am a happy and blessed stay-home mom, they are with me all the time).

 A kennel/Caged puppy is very timid, shy and scared and only wants to run away and hide and walk in circles. The first 10 weeks of a puppies life is a critical time for setting his acceptance or non-acceptance to people and new situations for the rest of his life.

Happy and well socialized dogs/puppies make better pets and family members. 

3. Do Yorkshire Terrier puppies come in different sizes?

"T Cup yorkies, Teacup yorkies, Purse Puppy, Micro Mini's, Miniature yorkies or Standard yorkies"

We do not have any teacup dogs, as there is no such thing as a teacup yorkie. That is a term that greedy breeders came up with to sell dogs that are very small. We strive to raise dogs that meet the standards, but do have tiny dogs with almost every litter. Also no one can guarantee size. If they tell you they can then they are not being totally honest with you. We can estimate adult size based on parents' size and growth rate of that puppy, but any puppy can quit growing earlier than predicted or continue growing later than usual or have a huge growth spurt.
Many of the breeders raising "teacup" yorkies are using extremely tiny females. This endangers the life of these girls. No female should be bred unless she is 4.5 pounds. Males can be smaller than this because they do not need to go through a pregnancy carrying several pups and a delivery. The tiny girls are just too small to do this safely.


Puppy Buying tips 

Here are some suggestion.

1. If the breeder has more than 2 types of breeds, that should be a red flag to you, it could be a puppy mill!

2. Ask to see the living conditions that the puppy has been raised in,
if the breeder declines to show you, there's another
red flag !

3. Ask to see the puppies parents. Do the Dam and Sire look healthy and well cared for?

If the breeder does not show you the parents...red flag !

4. Check your desired Yorkie puppies coat, eyes, nose, ears and rear. These are all good indicators of a puppies overall health.

If the puppies are not clean or are acting lethargic...red flag !

5. Is the breeder screening you, or will they sell to just anyone with the money?

If the breeder is screening you, don't be offended, it's a good thing.

 A good breeder cares deeply about their puppies and the kinds of homes they will be going to.

6. Does the breeder have all paperwork for this puppy on hand?

Such as registration papers, vaccinations and deworming documentation?

7. Does the breeder offer a health guarantee?  If not...really big red flag !

At the very least you should be given a 48 hour health guarantee. This gives you enough time to take the puppy to the vet

 and if the puppy is ill you can return the puppy to the breeder within that time frame.

In addition to the 48 hour guarantee, you should get a e year genetic health guarantee in writing.

  If the breeder does not offer a one year genetic health guarantee, simply ask for one, it never hurts to ask and you'll be glad you did.
Trust your gut feelings, I find they are rarely wrong. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, walk away.

9. Read, read, read, all you can about the Yorkshire Terrier breed to be sure it is the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle.

10. Lastly, DO NOT fall for scams asking you to pay shipping only, they will get your money but you will not get your puppy. There is no such thing as a free or cheap Yorkie.

 I hope you find a wonderful, happy, healthy new addition to your family that will bring you love, joy and puppy kisses for many years to come!


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