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I am a small hobby breeder and very much the homebody and enjoy spending most of my time at home with my fur kids. I have always had dogs since I was a little kid growing up. I had Cocker spaniel, Miniature Pincher, Mixed breed dogs. I can't imagine how my life will be without dogs. They are the special ones that brighten my day.

 I love dogs, especially the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. I believe dogs are God's Creations and they should never spend his/her life in cage. They deserve the best of care not only physically but also emotionally. My yorkies are precious little kids to me.

 My yorkies are raised inside our clean Non-Smoking home with kid as part of our family members and have completely full run of the home. I believe in raising yorkies inside the home as family members, being with people 24 hr a day, following everywhere you go, napping on the couch or bed, having the full house to run around and play. Happy and well socialized dogs/puppies make better pets.

We DO NOT CAGE or KENNEL our yorkies.

Would you cage or Kennel your family members/kids?


It all started with my friend's yorkie few years ago. Lucille is the first special yorkie who made me fall in love with this breed.  It was very nice of my friend, Irene to let me borrow her to attend the American Kennel Club confirmation handling class.
I've learned a lot from this lovely Lucille.

( photo taken at age of 6 months old)
look at her sweet cute face ! Lucille is 6 years old now.

Since then I have been going to tons of AKC all breed shows, reading books, watching DVDs....  It took me at least 2 years to learn about this wonderful breed before I actually owned my first Yorkie.

( Here is a photo of my very first Yorkie named George. Isn't he just beautiful ?)

Yorkies are Simply The Best. 

My friends often ask me what attracts me most to the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. I tell them The elegant Gait, True soft floor length silky coat and irresistible sweet face with a topknot of The Yorkshire Terrier Breed is what fascinates me most and drives me to have a great desire to own yorkies. Believe me Once You have a yorkie, you will never switch to another breed. Yorkies are addictive and just like potatoes chips. you can never have just one.

( a photo of my precious pretty MeiMei )

 My son is my special helper, who loves to feed and play with our yorkies. 

He adores and loves them to pieces. Thank you, son !

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